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Re: Bugs about new upstream versions

>> Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> writes:

 > Most packages are maintained by developers who are getting their job done
 > properly. They will notice the new upstream version and will update the
 > bug as soon as they can. Filing bugs will only take up their time.

 Let me put it this way: if I get a bug report that says "foobar 0.2 came
 out this morning" its only effect will be to delay the release of a 
 debian package by at least a couple of days.  OTOH, if it says "foobar
 0.2 is been out for a couple of months now" you'll probably get a friendly
 message thanking you for the reminder and possibly a package within 24

 In other words: stop pestering Myth about a new mozilla package unless
 you want to have a package next year.


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