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Re: Path modification

On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 01:29:04AM -0900, Britton wrote:
> I don't think it would be excessively interactive for nmh
> to somehow give a prompt notifying the user that the package requires
> something that debian packages normally never need in order to work

And how is it supposed to notify the users?  It could possibly notify
the sysadmin when the sysadmin installs the package, but that still
leaves the users in the dark.  Perhaps you were unaware that Gnu/Linux
is a multiuser system?

Mh is designed to be installed on a multiuser system without being
intrusive to the users that aren't interested in it.  It's a good,
clean, flexible design which only confuses those who don't read
documentation.  And those folks are pretty much hopeless in any case.

> Many debian nmh users will be trying nmh for the first time
> because they saw the description and got interested, and won't know about
> this peculiarity.

Then those users should try reading the documentation, rather than
complaining that a package which has been working fine for twenty
years on a wide variety of *NIXen doesn't meet their limited and
incorrect expectations.

(And the ones using tcsh should switch to a shell that *isn't* the
essence of pure evil!  Frankly, I'd much rather add install-time
warnings to csh and tcsh than to mh.)  :-)

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