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Re: Kernel Sends 7E ?

"Derrick (Thrawn01)" <derrick@carmike.com> writes:

> the devices running embedded Initiate a communication with the Linux
> server. Our Daemon on the Linux box responds with
> a single packet containing the Transaction information. directly after that
> packet the Linux box sends a packet containing , 8 bytes,
> ( in hex ) " 7E".

Are you using TCP, UDP, or some completely different protocol
entirely?  Also, can you get a network trace of the packet in

One way to get such a trace is to run this command (as root) on your
linux box before starting the embedded Dos client:
   tcpdump -i eth0 -s 5000 -x > outfile.txt
(replace eth0 with the appropriate interface name) Then, after your
client runs, interrupt this with a Ctrl-C and edit outfile.txt down to
only the relevant packet.

> The Embed DOS interprets this as a response from our daemon, resulting in a
> miscommunication.
> We are positive that our daemon is not sending the "7E" 's We believe that
> it's originating from the Kernel.....

More details about the packet in question could at the very least
narrow this down to which part of the kernel is responsible.

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