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ITU: freeswan 1.8

Hi all

Please reply directly to me as I am currently not subscribed to -devel.

I have ITPed for freeswan quite a while ago and have made "semi-official"
(people who were interested at that time knew of the download location) packages
since then. Now I am happy enough with my version of the freeswan 1.8 package,
which also creates a kernel-patch-freeswan package from the source and includes
the x509 patches for using x509 certificates during key negotiation (important
for interoperability with Win2000 and PGPNet). I would like to get it uploaded
(if somebody would sponsor it please, my account has not been created until now)
now because of 2 reasons: I would like to get more people testing it and I am
getting more and more questions about the status of my package. If you don't
want the package (which is now at ftp://ftp.vianova.at/pub/gibraltar/source/) in
unstable, please tell me so now, because I would like to get it uploaded soon.

best greets,

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