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Re: Optimisations query

> However Red Hat seems to have solved the same problem with RH 7.0 -
> despite whatever else that release is. They do this by compiling to a
> target CPU of i686 but keeping the target platform to i386. Not too
> ideal for AMD users I suppose (I have one Intel and one AMD box myself)
> but better than nothing?

The optimised binaries are still supposed to run on standard i386
systems. This is the setting used to compile the majority of Red Hat
packages - all of those with the i386.rpm extension, basically. A few
packages are compiled with a target platform of i586 and i686 - the
various kernel images for example, only those would not work on a lower

I have not actually tried running RH 7 on an i486 but I'm sure it would work. So the question is, why not adopt this for Debian too?


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