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Re: Optimisations query

On Sun, Jan 07, 2001 at 10:43:38AM +0000, Michel Alexandre Salim wrote:
> However Red Hat seems to have solved the same problem with RH 7.0 -
> despite whatever else that release is. They do this by compiling to a
> target CPU of i686 but keeping the target platform to i386. Not too
> ideal for AMD users I suppose (I have one Intel and one AMD box myself)
> but better than nothing?
> This comes to mind when thinking about some assertions I've seen made
> that glibc 2.2 only works on i486 and better on Intels. If so, all the
> better - since Woody will be based on it why not compile all to a target
> CPU of i686 and target platform of i486?

Do all of these binaries actually run properly on 386, 486, Pentium,
K6*, Cyrix, IDT, and Athlon chips, and any other x86 compatibles?

No? Then forget it.

The configuration notes for the kernel, for example, specifically say:

  If you specify one of "486" or "586" or "Pentium" or "PPro", then
  the kernel will not necessarily run on earlier architectures (e.g. a
  Pentium optimized kernel will run on a PPro, but not necessarily on
  a i486).

Hamish.. no Intel chips in use at my place, thanks.
Hamish Moffatt VK3SB <hamish@debian.org> <hamish@cloud.net.au>

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