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Optimisations query


I was just thinking about one thread of discussion that happens quite
some time ago on having optimised Debian packages, which resulted in the
conclusion that it

1. not enough speed benefit
2. uses up too much bandwith

However Red Hat seems to have solved the same problem with RH 7.0 -
despite whatever else that release is. They do this by compiling to a
target CPU of i686 but keeping the target platform to i386. Not too
ideal for AMD users I suppose (I have one Intel and one AMD box myself)
but better than nothing?

This comes to mind when thinking about some assertions I've seen made
that glibc 2.2 only works on i486 and better on Intels. If so, all the
better - since Woody will be based on it why not compile all to a target
CPU of i686 and target platform of i486?

The 2 cents of a Debian user.


Michel Salim
PS Please include my address in your reply - not subscribed to DDML

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