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Re: package pool and big Packages.gz file

Andrew Stribblehill <a.d.stribblehill@durham.ac.uk> wrote:
> Doesn't gzip have a --rsync option, or somesuch? Apparently Andrew
> Tridgell (Samba, Rsync) has a patch to do this, but I don't know
> whether he passed it onto the gzip maintainers.

I like the idea of having plugins for rsync to handle different kinds of
data. So the gzip plugin will decompress the data, and the rsync algorithm
can work on the decompressed data. Much better.

> (Apparently he's working on a --fuzzy flag for matching rsyncs
> between, say foo-1.0.deb and foo-1.1.deb. He says it should be
> called the --debian flag.)

A deb plugin would be better. :)
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