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package pool and big Packages.gz file


[i'm not sure if this has been resolved, lart me if you like.]

my proposal to resolve big Packages.gz is through package
pool system.

add 36 or so new debian package, namely,


contents of each is quite obvious. ;-)
and a virtual unstable-packages-gz depends on all of them. finished.

apt-get update should deal with it.

1) as default, install packages-gz.deb, and finished. (against some policy ...)
2) otherwise, let user to choose from, that is a ui design... ;-)

release managment could just ;-) upload a woody-packages-gz_test-1_all.deb

episode I finished.

episode II involves the package pool deletion algorithms.

a package should only be deleted when no *-packages-gz debs reference it.

my 2'c

thanks for bear with me ;-)


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