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Re: LILO 21.6-2

>>"Brian" == Brian May <bam@debian.org> writes:

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Heath <adam@doogie.org> writes:
 Adam> On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, Russell Coker wrote:
 >>> You don't have sym-links to the root directory?  Why not?

 Adam> kernel-package doesn't do them anymore.

	This is not quite correct. The kernel-image postinst can
 optionally *not* do the symlinks -- however, it does do the symlink
 changes as a default, unless asked not to.

 Brian> What is the current practise? Have lilo specifically use the kernel
 Brian> version number (eg. /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.18 instead of using /vmlinuz or
 Brian> /vmlinuz.old)?

	*My* current practice is to allow kernel package to manage
 /vmlinuz and /vmlinuz.old, and manage /vmlinuz.stable,
 /vmlinuz.unstable manually, and have /boot/linux.bin and
 /boot/root.bin as rescue kernels

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