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Re: What do you wish for in an package manager? Here you are!

>>>>> " " == Thorsten Wilmer <wilmer00@marvin.cs.uni-dortmund.de> writes:

     > Hello Petr Čech wrote:
    >> Adam Lazur wrote:
    >>> The ability to install more than one version of a package
    >>> simultaneously.
    >>  Hmm. SO you install bash 2.04-1 and bash 2.02-3. Now what will
    >> be /bin/bash 2.04 or 2.02 version? You will divert both of them
    >> and symlink it to the old name - maybe, but but how will you
    >> know, to what name it diverts to use it?
    >> Give me please 3 sane examples, why you need this. And no,
    >> shared libraries are NOT an excuse for this.

The only useable way is to have /bin/bash allways point to a stable

Apart from that, anyone who cares what version to use must use the
full path to the binary or a versioned name, like /bin/bash-2.04-1.

I would like binaries to be compiled to reside in versioned
directories but I also see a lot of problems with it as
well. Especially with the /etc /usr /usr/share and so on. Every
directory would have to have a subdir for every package that has files
there. What a chaos.

Of cause in spezial cases you can install all packages to
/usr/share/software/package-version/ and symlinc, but thats not a
general solution to the problem. For stuff like /bin/sh a network
filesystem doesn't work.


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