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RE: LILO 21.6-2

A better question is WHY have links to the root?  Not everyone uses kpkg...
and lots of people see value in keeping the root clean.  I certainly do.

NEVER MAKE ASSUMPTIONS.  You *think* you'll have the next version take a
list of kernel locations?  You are missing the whole point here... whyinhell
are you deliberately overwriting the existing configuration, without asking?
Why would you ever consider *NOT* actually bothering to look at where the
system actually keeps its kernel(s)?  Or removing options that the sysadmin
*OBVIOUSLY* has in there for a reason (password settings come to mind...)?

Meanwhile I've retrieved the last SANE version (Vincent's), reinstalled it,
and put it on hold.  After, of course, restoring my latest backup to get my
configuration back.

Running unstable isn't supposed to mean that there are deliberate attempts
to destroy a box by people who are supposedly maintainers.

Marc Wilson

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On Saturday 06 January 2001 15:08, Joey Hess wrote:
> Russell Coker wrote:
> > I have just uploaded LILO 21.6-2 to Woody.  I have made it use debconf
> > for all the common settings (I can configure lilo.conf for all my
> > machines using only debconf).  Please test it and let me know of any
> > other settings that should be added for debconf.
> >
> > Also I am concerned about the risk of breaking things.  Please let me
> > know how it works.
> Well I rather agree with the bug reports that state it should not
> overwrite existing working configurations.
> Also, it broke my configuration by pointing to these images:
> image=/vmlinuz
>     label=Linux
> image=/vmlinuz.old
>     label=old
> That doesn't work, I have kernel-package configured to put them in
> /boot.

You don't have sym-links to the root directory?  Why not?

Hmm.  I think I'll make the next version take a list of kernel locations.

> It spewed something to the screen which overwrote/corrupted debconf's
> frontend. I think I caught it using script, it seems to be:
>   Running /usr/sbin/liloconfig
>   This program only reinstall LiLO with the already given options.
>   You can reconfigure LiLO with the dpkg-reconfigure lilo or you can use
>   the old configuration tool, which is now named oldliloconfig.
>   Here we will run lilo, but now for security reasons we won't do it!
>   Please verify lilo.conf by hand and send comments to
> russell@coker.com.au! Thanks, and sorry about the data loss ;)
>   Here we will dd the mbr.b to /dev/sda.
> Finally, all the debconf questions are written in pretty bad English.

Yes.  They were submitted to me by a Hungarian.  I am already in the process
of fixing grammar and spelling.

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