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Re: our broken man package

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Joey Hess wrote:

JH>Peter Makholm wrote:
JH>> We have alternatives on almost everything but dpkg and man. If someone
JH>> thinks it's worth the effort to make alternatives for these they
JH>> should do it. If there is a general agreement that the alternatives is
JH>> better than the original packages we just switch prioryties.
JH>Is that even necessary? I mean, alternatives makes sense for programs
JH>like MTAs and editors, which have a diverse range of interface,
JH>functionality, and use. Man formats a page and displays it in $PAGER;
JH>its usage is pretty set in stone since a long time ago. One man program
JH>might be faster or more secure, or less buggy than another, but it's
JH>going to look and operate the same, so it seems everyone is going to
JH>gravitate to the best one available, so why bother with alternatives for
JH>the rest?
JH>In other words, if you can have a religious war over it, we need an
JH>alternative. I have never seen a religious war over man. :-)

Never heard RMS on info pages?  


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