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Re: our broken man package

Peter Makholm wrote:
> We have alternatives on almost everything but dpkg and man. If someone
> thinks it's worth the effort to make alternatives for these they
> should do it. If there is a general agreement that the alternatives is
> better than the original packages we just switch prioryties.

Is that even necessary? I mean, alternatives makes sense for programs
like MTAs and editors, which have a diverse range of interface,
functionality, and use. Man formats a page and displays it in $PAGER;
its usage is pretty set in stone since a long time ago. One man program
might be faster or more secure, or less buggy than another, but it's
going to look and operate the same, so it seems everyone is going to
gravitate to the best one available, so why bother with alternatives for
the rest?

In other words, if you can have a religious war over it, we need an
alternative. I have never seen a religious war over man. :-)

see shy jo

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