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Re: Need server

On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 02:56:41PM +0100, Michael Meskes wrote:
> > There are almost two hundred public Debian mirrors, use them.
> Sure. But I was hoping someone would know a machine that a) is up-to-date
> (the three machines outside the US I tried so far are not) and b) is
> accessible pretty well (which ftp.debian.org is not).

Then you might want to see


and check the sites marked as `Push-Primary'.

> As you might imagine trying 200 machines is not really funny.

But you haven't bothered to try five percent of those. Why do you expect
others will bother to reply to your mail? :>

> In fact I was hoping someone would tell me that ftp.debian.org will be
> much better accessible in the near future.

That's everyone's hoping :) It was down for a few days in the last month,
even. :(

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