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Re: bugs + rant + constructive criticism (long)

A hobby server? OK; sorry: I saw "server" and read that as "important

But in truth, you should be -filing- bugs against things you find
wrong, for the following reason: not all developers read debian-devel,
so your concerns, as important as they may be, may or may not reach
the responsible parties, and without a subject line more suggestive of
each problem (as in the subject line of this note), you can't
guarantee the right person will actually read the note. This erupted
into a mild flamewar (well, two if you count the one about the email
header issues wrt who to reply to), which some people will ignore, and
again this adds to the probability of the appropriate person reading
the note.

But, and yet again, you can't do much complaining about the dist in its
unstable form for the simple reason that you aren't seeing what it will
be like when it is stable. There will always be situations in unstable 
debian (like it or not) under which two packages that are supposed to
cooperate are out of sync, version-wise. In stable, that -shouldn't-
happen. If it does, it's a bug.

Perhaps the best thing to do when you find a version skew between two
packages, is to contact both maintainers, and ask them together what 
the situation is. Perhaps one has a package stashed somewhere that would
solve one or more of your problems; perhaps the two maints are unaware
of each other, and your note could then serve to encourage them to
begin working together on a solution. The usual thing that happens a
lot, is both packages were uploaded, but one didn't make it that day;
looking in incoming might reveal what you're looking for.


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