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ITP: prozilla

Prozilla is a multi-threaded download acelerator wich uses multiple
connections to the server breaking the file in pieces and joining them
in the end. It accepts download resuming from FTP and HTTP, including
redirection. It shows its stats in a ncurses based interface or in
a gtk one.

Prozilla's home page is at: http://www.lintux.cx/~kalum/prozilla.html

Its license is GPL.

I've got the packages ready. I decided to create prozilla and 
prozilla-gtk as there's no reason to have prozilla depending on
Gtk+, but it is important to provide this funtionality... would
it be preferable to create 1 package with this functionality
available and Sugesting Gtk?

I am waiting my account creation still so I need a sponsor
Adrian Bunk sponsors me with penguineyes already.


Gustavo Noronha Silva - kov
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