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Re: looking for replacement for run (because of critical bug in

On 2000-12-23, Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> wrote:
> Yes and no.  It can daemonize a program, but will not restart it when it dies.
> It sounds like what you want is a simple shell script that would be daemonized
> by start-stop-daemon:
> /usr/sbin/myprogram.wrapper:
> However, I would say that if the program dies so frequently that it needs a
> wrapper like this, it should probably be fixed.

tail -f of a logfile into a secured less. To search and scroll
backwards, one must kill the tail, which then needs to be restarted.

If less could be fixed such that it waits for both input streams with
select(2), I think that problem could be solved.

> init does a good job of this; if there were an easy, error-proof way to add
> entries to inittab (i.e., without editing the file in your maintainer scripts),
> using init's 'respawn' mode might not be a bad idea.

ACK. This does sound like a better solution than run. Trying this now.

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