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kernel-patch-int, non-us and non-free.


I'm working on packaging the International Kernel patch (adopted it).
I've got some plans with the thing, and i'd love some input on it :)
What i want to do:
- Split it up. Currently the IKP package doesn't look much like the original
kerneli.org patch, according to the documentation about 20% of the original
code is left. I'd like to include as much as possible, and give as much
_freedom_ as possible.
kernel-patch-int is currently in non-us. I'd like to 'remove' the parts that
don't need to be in non-us, and put them in main, in a seperate package.
i´m thinking about packaging some copyright-encumbered parts in non-free.
In this setup, there would be 3 (three!) kernel-patch-int packages:
(i hate those names)

I'm looking at this setup, reading code, and encountering some problems 
(apart from the splitting-up being lots of work).
- What goes where.
- What goes in non-free
- Am i being sane here? :)

The patch currently contains these algorithms: Rijndael, Twofish, Serpent,
Blowfish, MARS, RC5, RC6, IDEA, DES.
Finding the patent-information and copyright information on some of these is
a pain.
Any input from people who know something about the patents/copyrights on
these, or comments from people who think i'm doing the right/wrong thing in
splitting the package up ?
Rijndael,Twofish, Blowfish and Serpent seem quite clear as far as the
export-thing goes, and i _think_ i can include them (copyright-wise) in main
without problems too.
As far as DES is concerned; the patent has expired, and i _think_ (again)
that shouldn't be a problem too.
No clue on MARS/RC5/RC6/IDEA.

Again: comments appreciated!


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