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O: queue

Package: wnpp

I hereby orphan gnu queue.

Description: transparent load balancing system
 GNU Queue is a load-balancing system that lets users control their remote
 jobs in an intuitive, transparent and nearly seamless way. This is done
 with local shell job control and signaling and with Queue's innovative
 proxy daemon mechanism. Queue can be used as a local replacement for rsh
 to hosts within a homogeneous cluster under single administrative control.
 Queue also supports the more traditional email-based load-balancing and
 distributed batch-processing facilities using a number of criteria to
 decide where to send jobs.

Queue has one open, critical bug report. It sometimes messes up the
permissions of /dev/tty! The author has been unable to provide a fix, and
I have not had any success either. Since I don't use the package, I have
been able to provide the attention it needs.

I have uploaded a final version with debian-qa as the maintainer. If it's
not fixed eventually, it should be removed from the distribution.

see shy jo

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