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Re: RFC: planning bunch of wishlists for menu hints

On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 02:49:29AM -0500, joost witteveen wrote:
> Maybe to get the hints thing going in Debian, I would have
> to include a couple in /usr/lib/menu/default again
> (like I did all at the beginning with the menus generally).

But then the hints would be shadowed by official menu files, won't
they ?  I remember we had a discussion about a request of mine to add
support for just locally overriding pieces of a menu entry, but there
were problems about that and I suppose this is still not supported ?

> I'll strip them of all but the hints (and the title and section,
> they are compulsary), and put them in /usr/lib/menu/default,
> so that the hints will work even if not all of the
> maintainers react on your bugreport.

Or does this work ?  That would be really great !

> If you agree, could you send me the /tmp/hints.tar.bz2 file
> output by
>   tar -cvIf /tmp/hints.tar.bz2 `grep -l hints *` ?

Maybe the last list I sent will gather more feedback, so you may want
to wait a bit, do you ?

And "tar cIf ~/.menu/" is more quickly entered ;)

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