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Re: long term goals of debian membership

galt@inconnu.isu.edu (John Galt) wrote:

> How many packages did you have when you became a DD?

Well, speaking for myself, I had assembled about four or five packages,
and I had adopted cpio and fixed about a dozen outstanding bugs.  It
was a lot of work, but I did it all *before* I contacted Debian.  As a
result, it was a lot easier for the Debian heads to give me developer
status when I contacted them and said "Hey I have a couple of packages
to upload, and I can close Bugs X, Y, and Z," rather than "Hey, I want
to be a Debian guy."  Nothing speaks better in this community than
demonstrated work.

It's not like I slid in when the standards were easier.  I was serious
from the start, and I think the new maintainers that we accept should be
serious as well.

> So make it easy to become a DD and have a sunset criterion.  Fail to
> notice a couple of approximately weekly messages on -devel, you get a
> warning, then dumped.  Your objection is to those who become DDs and fail
> to discharge their duties: so make it easy to become a DD, impossible to
> become indispensable, and hard to stay a DD.

Good god!  Who do you think has time to police that?  If you are
complaining that we are too slow letting people in, then it is clear
that our New Maintainer team is under-manned.  What makes you think that
we have the resources to pursue this scheme?

And then there's the argument about closing the barn door after the
animals have ... 

- Brian

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