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Re: ITP plex86, if it complies to DFSG

> You can freely distribute it, so it's okay for non-free. You can't
> use it for any purpose though, and it doesn't look like you can modify
> it either, so it's not so okay for main, though. :( plex86 may need
> to go in contrib if it has to depend on this vga bios.

Yes, at least by now it depends on that bios, until somebody writes a free
bios, I wonder if this would be too dificult :-)

Anyway, the bios comes with plex86 sources. You mean then to make two binary
packages, one for plex86 on contrib and a little one with the vga bios on

What about the sources then, they come with the binary vga bios, should the
plex sources go to non-free and their binary package to contrib?

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