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Re: sony vaio laptops


I just did a Slink install on a PCG-S17k (or some thing like that...),
one of the super tiny no removable media deals PIII 700Mhz tiny (but
super sharp) screen.

I didn't do all the bells and whistles (like sound), there were
acouple of tricks with this model.

First, finding some one with a CD drive for it :), then while the CD
will boot Debian cant see it till after the install, so I needed to
copy the important stuff to the Windows partition do do the install.

Also the S3/Savage video chip set didn't work with the stock SVGA
server, a google search turned up a patched SVGA server that worked
great (don't have the URL on hand).

Not an easy install but pretty spiffy getting 700Mhz at just over one


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