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Re: Possible AWE32 package bug

On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 01:47:10PM +1100, Matthew Dalton wrote:
> This begs the question: Can sfxload be considered a system file because
> the system could attempt to run it after the root partition has been
> mounted, but before the other ones have been mounted? Should sfxload be
> installed to /sbin instead of /usr/bin? What about libawe0.4, which
> sfxload depends on?

No, both the program and the library should be under /usr, according to
the File-system Hierarchy Standard (you don't need them to boot,
restore, recover or repair the system).
> I fixed the problem by removing the post-install line, and instead
> putting a shell script in /etc/rc.boot/, which executes /usr/bin/sfxload
> itself - after /usr has been mounted.

I think that is the right solution. I have been using it for months
with no problems.

This might be a "missing documentation" bug in the sfx-drv package,

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