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Possible AWE32 package bug

Hi all,

Apologies if I've sent this to the wrong lists.

I'm running kernel 2.4.0-test10 with a mostly potato system (modutils
2.3.19 compiled from woody*), and I have an AWE32 sound card (non-pnp).

I followed the instructions in the kernel documentation for the AWE32
(midi) to the letter, and it worked great. The instructions basically
say to load the apropriate module and put in a post-install line for
that module to execute /usr/bin/sfxload (from the awe-drv package) to
load the wavetable samples file.

Last night, though, I moved /usr to its own partition. Previously it was
on the same partition as /. Of course, at boot time when the
post-install was attempted, /usr/bin/sfxload couldn't be found because
/usr hadn't been mounted yet.

This begs the question: Can sfxload be considered a system file because
the system could attempt to run it after the root partition has been
mounted, but before the other ones have been mounted? Should sfxload be
installed to /sbin instead of /usr/bin? What about libawe0.4, which
sfxload depends on? I assume that this is currently installed into

I fixed the problem by removing the post-install line, and instead
putting a shell script in /etc/rc.boot/, which executes /usr/bin/sfxload
itself - after /usr has been mounted.

I'm not subscribed to debian-devel, so please cc me on replies from
there. I am, however, subscribed to debian-user.


* yes, I know I should upgrade to modutils 2.3.20

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