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Re: RFP: Remstats -- RRDtool-based monitor that can launch alerts


On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 05:58:39PM +0200, Tommi Virtanen wrote:
> Remstats is a system of programs to: 
>  - gather data from servers and routers, 
>  - store and maintain the data for long periods, 
>  - produce graphs and web-pages tieing them together, and 
>  - monitor the data for anomalous behavious and issue alerts 
> 	(please do compare the feature list with Cricket
> 	before packaging; it does sound nicer, though..)
Cricket has been designed for collecting from Cisco routers and to work
with SNMP mainly. However there a contribs and patches to make it work
with non-SNMP things like server statistics as well. On the other side
remstats has a lot of those things already builtin.
Both lack of the problem of not being threaded, what makes them quite slow
when monitoring large amounts of routers/servers (I used cricket for about
2500 network interfaces). Another speed decrease is the use of Perl, but
that's a thing one can live with.

The biggest advantage of remstats in fact is the alert function, which can
be individually setup for each config entry.

Furthermore cricket has a CGI script with greater 2000 lines of code to
display the interfaces. The graphics are generated at runtime and this
script eats up some CPU as well (more as 20 clients and my U5 wasn't able
to collect in a good time anymore). remstats creates the graphics at
runtime as well, but doesn't update them if not needed.

A small problem is the upstream author. He seems to be unreachable for
time to time, but I think that's a solvable issue.

I would really appreciate the packaging of remstats as well. So, one of
the developers go for it, please!

MfG/Regards, Alexander

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