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IMPORTANT: the dotted box outline font problem

It looks like the solution for this problem is going to involve
application-level fixes.

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BR> http://bugs.debian.org/76280

It looks like some font names are underspecified.  If you request a
font such as


then the first matching font will be selected; which font is the first
depends on many factors, like the exact details of the hashing
algorithm used in the server.

In order to avoid that, you should more fully specify the font, saying
something like:


This change should be made either in the users resource database
(xrdb, .Xdefaults, etc.), or in the application defaults files
(XTerm.ad, etc.), depending on the exact setup that you're using.

(What changed in 4.0?  We're now including many more international
fonts, so the likelyhood of a wrong font being selected is much



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