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Re: What "Personal Security Manager"?

In article <20001117162940.A8586@cistron.nl>,
Wichert Akkerman  <wichert@cistron.nl> wrote:
>Previously Dale Scheetz wrote:
>> As should be obvious from my ignorance of browser capabilities, I don't
>> browse the web unless there is no other alternative. Sure, its an old dog
>> not wanting to learn new tricks, but it's also an artifact of my soda
>> straw access to the net.
>Want to make a little wager who has the worst internet connection?
>Wichert (who was using 9600 baud ppp connection for the last 2 days)

When my computer breaks (say the PSU blows up in with a bang in the
middle of the night), I connect my 2400 baud external modem to
my VT320 terminal and dial in using AT commands.

In comparison 9600 baud ppp is a luxury. Tssk. Kids these days


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