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Re: Craig Sanders

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 11:58:15PM +0100, Jan Martin Mathiassen wrote:
> > Do you have any clue who Thomas Bushnell is?  Do you care?  Do you know
> > what he has contributed to Debian already?  You should consider finding
> > out before you start claiming that he has nothing to contribute and that
> > Debian is worse off with him than without.
> okay, first off... why don't you point out where the fuck i said those
> things? i didn't. those were thomas' words (formed as questions, btw), and
> you're projecting them onto me. stop.

Craig Sanders said them.  You said he's right.  Now either he's right or
he's not.

> > Thomas is definitely not a clueless person.  He's certainly got more of a
> > clue than cas, who can't seem to disagree with anyone without using the
> > words "fuck" and "asshole" to describe his position.
> i never said thomas was a clueless person. not once. stop trying to project
> words i didn't say into my mails. the only thing i've said that could in any
> way, shape or form be interpreted that way, was directed at the obvious
> write-first,-think-later syndrome thomas had a fit of. which, incidentally,
> we *all* suffer from at least *once*.

Other than forwarding the private message (which was an exercise in
futility anyway since we've all read that sort of crap from cas many times
over many occasions anyway) I don't think he did anything wrong.  cas is,
and has been as long as I remember, one of the most obnoxious, rude,
uncivil, foul-mouthed, and immature developers I have seen in this project
to date.  When I compare messages from stu when he was but 14 and cas
either then or now, stu is more mature.

Now there's no precedent for being an ass being grounds for some form of
censure in this project (if it were, I think I would be hard-pressed to
find an active developer who hasn't been an ass to someone at some point),
but cas is such so often that a good number of people have plonked him
outright, which is probably the simplest solution for Thomas.

But I agree, the level of frequent and constant foul language laiden crap
which spews from cas' hands is embarassing (and this coming from me who
doesn't have the cleanest vocabulary in the project by far...)  After
several years of this now, you'd think maybe someone would have told him
to just stuff it.  Actually, many have - he's not taken the hint yet.

> speaking of which, craig just sent in another mail, where he manages to make
> a total ass of himself. i wish he wouldn't do that, because now it's just
> getting to the point where people are swearing/yelling just for the sake of
> swearing/yelling.

He seems to do that every email IMO, hence the permanent listing in my
rc.idiot file.

> now, can we finish this any time soon, or are we going to keep on
> regurgitating the same insults time and time and time again for another
> 4314234565129387 mails?

No, I think this thread is fortunately just about hashed out.

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