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Re: php4-cgi + apache

On Wed, Nov 08, 2000 at 03:24:05PM -0500 , Terry Katz wrote:
> Noticed something strange today .. I was trying to get some php cgi-mode
> scripts working on one of our servers today and was having problems getting
> them to run under apache .. I tried this on a few different machines (all
> same software configuration:  woody, php 4.0.3pl1-2 and apache 1.3.12-2.1)
> and had the same results on each ..
> PHP scripts using the apache php module run fine ..
> PHP scripts run in cgi-mode at the command prompt run fine ..
> PHP scripts run in cgi-mode under apache generate generic 'premature end of
> script headers' in the apache logs ..


> ( I wrote a quick perl wrapper to call the php script and display the
> execution result .. from the command line it would get '0' which is normal
> .. from apache it was generating a result of '11' .. I don't know if this is

en error, that is

> meaningful or not .. probably not )
> I tried php-cgi with all extension loaded .. and with none loaded .. same

good. so it's the core. I'll try to look at it ...

> results ..
> (perl/shell/etc.. scripts run as cgi's all run fine .. just php ones seem to
> be causing me problems)..
> Any ideas .. ??

it's a bug :) It maybe fixed in 4.0.4

- Fixed a crash in CGI mode, in case no file was provided
    (Daniel Beulshausen& Zeev)

Someone (sorry) told me, that already. php 4.0.4 should appear shortly, and
I'll see, if it fixes this.

				Petr Cech
Debian GNU/Linux maintainer - www.debian.{org,cz}

* Joy sees a potato running down the street and shouting "I'm late! I'm late!" ;))

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