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Re: XFree 4 && Neomagic

> Rodrigo Moya (2000-11-08 08:58:32 -0100) :
> > well, I've tried with the old values and with the ones shown in
> > startx's output, and the same, but now, at least, I am on 800x600,
> > but what I want is 1024x768. I've been searching for my card's name
> > in google, and I've found several examples, but all of them based on
> > 3.3.x versions.
> > 
> > So, can you suggest a refresh rate interval for this card? or tell
> > me a place where I can find info?
> I guess the refresh rates have not changed with the Xfree86 release,
> but I had the same problem (except my LCD can only go to 800x600 and I
> did not manage to hit more that 64x480).  It seems that the problem
> was the default depth: my Neomagic didn't have enough RAM to handle
> 800x600 in 24 bit depth.  Changing the DefaultDepth to 16 solved the
> problem.
not for me, changing DefaultDepth to a value other than 24 either hangs or
fails with a "No screens found" error message.

I've found, in debian-x, a couple of people with the same hardware/same problem,
so I don't know what else to try. It's been suggested to comment out the
Horiz/Vert stuff, but doing so falls back to 640x480.


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