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Re: XFree 4 && Neomagic

Rodrigo Moya (2000-11-08 08:58:32 -0100) :

> well, I've tried with the old values and with the ones shown in
> startx's output, and the same, but now, at least, I am on 800x600,
> but what I want is 1024x768. I've been searching for my card's name
> in google, and I've found several examples, but all of them based on
> 3.3.x versions.
> So, can you suggest a refresh rate interval for this card? or tell
> me a place where I can find info?

I guess the refresh rates have not changed with the Xfree86 release,
but I had the same problem (except my LCD can only go to 800x600 and I
did not manage to hit more that 64x480).  It seems that the problem
was the default depth: my Neomagic didn't have enough RAM to handle
800x600 in 24 bit depth.  Changing the DefaultDepth to 16 solved the

Hope this helps,
Roland Mas

Infinity contains more things than you think.  Everything, for a start.
  -- in Witches Abroad (Terry Pratchett)

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