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Re: task-kde broken

On 07 Nov 2000 21:40:08 +0000, James Troup <james@nocrew.org> writes:
> Itai Zukerman <zukerman@math-hat.com> writes:
> > What about virtual packages?
> Err... what about them?  Remember Packages files are not going
> anywhere... while it's certainly possible to add the dependency stuff
> to the DB, it's neither necessary for dependency checking in Incoming
> nor desirable at this stage.

Are you suggesting using Packages files to test dependencies (I'd
rather hoped the database could be used for that)?  Just to be clear:

  * foo_1 depends on bar (= 4) and is in Incoming.
  * gak_2 provides bar (>= 3) and is in the database.

(versioned provides, say).  So to test that foo's dependency is
satisfied I need to...

I concede your point about not needing dependencies in the database,
tho.  Muddled thinking on my part.


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