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Re: RFC: initscript policy proposal


	Umm, there is a little matter of transition planning. The
 policy diff, as presented in this proposal, makes it an rc bug for
 any package not using this current nonexistent mechanism, and as such
 fails ``new policy should not immediately make a large number of
 packages buggy''. Indeeed, anything like this should probably be
 introduced as a recommendation; and non-compliance should be deemed a
 bug only after a period has passed and there is wider acceptance. In
 practice, this translates to filing wishlist bug reports rather than
 RC important ones.

	We need to phase this in, and I don't really see a problem if
 some packages use the current methods while others have transitioned

	If you would rephrase the policy diffs I'd be happy to second
 this proposal (whenever you feel it has reached the state that is is
 appropriate for a proposal).

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