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Re: Driver detection and loading


On Sunday 05 November 2000 14:30, Haug Bürger wrote:
> Hi,
> this document is meant as support to improve the Debian distribution.
> Installation feedback:
> The installation of the base system worked fine with my
> Gigabyte GA5AX board and K6-2 Processor. I selected the task
> gnome workstation and was not very happy with it.

Me too. Everything runs find at my workstation, but I am able to understand 
kernel source, and my little sister doesn't.

> Are there any projects to improve the the driver installation?

The Bootfloppy guys are working on something, like that, but I think, that 
there opinion is rather just get a system installed, not to ease all drivers 
installation. Don't know, how make it better, maybe I should take time to 
learn more about the installer at the moment and aid those guys. Anyway, they 
make a good job, and have reasons for why the driver installation isn't 
supported at the moment such a high degree.

> Who is responsible for the description of the driver?


> Who makes the categories net, misc for example?


> Who is responsible for the whole installation process?

The Boot-Guys.

In my opinion we need the following:
a) An graphical installation routine, that sets up the COMPLETE hardware. 
After installation, only applications have to be installed. This IS possible 
in a save manner. Everyone who knows good reasons against this (except that 
it is muchas work), can tell me, I just say, there are none.
b) A tool for reconfiguring, adding hardware. Maybe the same, which is used 
at installation time, with a different front-end.
c) A graphical package tool, which supports tasks, in the manner, that I can 
switch between a completely configured Aftersted, KDE, Gnome/Sawmill, or
other desktop, but not fvwm2 in its default-configuration. (As an example.)

The installation must set up a complete desktop, not neccesarily kde or the 
like, but one, from which one can work. 

Daniel Migowski

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