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New SPARC Build server, open for general logins

vore.debian.org is now setup. It will be the new sparc build daemon. It is
currently one of the Ultra30's donated by Sun (over a year ago), and is
sitting right next to auric (ftp-master). The box is mainly for sparc
building and porting. Here is the motd, with some interesting details
(note, this system is in the user-dir-ldap setup, so all developers have

Welcome to the Debian Sparc/UltraSparc Build System

Please take care with the amount of space you use here. If you need a lot
of space, just for general things, use the /scratch disk on auric, not
this system. Please only use this machine for SPARC specific porting
issues. If you perform a build, remove the files as soon as they are no
longer needed.

This machine has two chroots available; stable and unstable. To access them,
login with one of those names prefixed to your username, seperated by a ':'
(e.g joe:stable). Home directories are shared across the chroots via NFS.
You can use the file /etc/debian_chroot_$dist to tell which chroot you are
in. Apt deb-src lines are available in both the chroots. Apt points directly
to ftp-master for it's files, so you always get the latest.

This machine was donated by Sun Microsystems, and is hosted by Visi.Net.


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