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Re: Avifile package

-- Start of PGP signed section.
> > > > I'll probably upload them soon and they will be probably part
> > > > of contrib as I'm not sure about licencing issues for now
> > > > as aviplayer is using some code from xanim and DLL are also non GPL.
> > > 
> > > This is a show-stopper -- the xanim code's license conflicts with the GPL.
> > 
> > But contrib should be OK I assume ??
> No. contrib is for dfsg free packages that need non-free programs to
> function usefully.

Here is definition:

  Packages in this area are free themselves but depend on other software that
  is not free. 
  Packages in this area do not necessarily cost money, but have some onerous
  license condition restricting use or redistribution of the software. 

When I remove GSM decoder from the program which is the only part
of the avifile which is not GPL it will became GPL.

As some win32 dll files are non GPL, but they are free to use
I've assumed it should go into contrib. There are no know restriction
to me so they free. To fit non-free there would have to be some restriction.
So maybe win32 dlls could go to contrib ??

 so to made it clear we have two options:

avifile-player (with libraries) & avifile-samples will be in contrib
and codecs-win32 will stay in non-free libs 

avifile-player & sample will go to main (which should be ok and the program
itself works, however its not very useful)
codecs will end up in contrib.

Could anyone of those "licencing guadians" pick the right variant ??

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