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Re: Comments on FHS testsuite run

Hi Andrew,

On Fri, Oct 20, 2000 at 05:31:45PM +0100, Andrew Josey wrote:
> Reference 3.4-4(A)
> The implementation provides the file /etc/disktab
> We  understand that disktab is a BSD filesystem/partition related file.
> Is this meant to be /etc/fstab? or something else ?

/etc/disktab was a file where lilo used to keep information about
disk geometry.  That can now be stored in lilo.conf.

CHANGES from the LILO sources states:
> Changes from version 14 to 15 (23-OCT-1994)
> -----------------------------
>   - added disk geometry configuration in the general configuration file.
>     /etc/disktab is now considered obsolete.


Jürgen E Fischer

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