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Re: OT: Linux/BSD package managers under (gasp!) Solaris ...

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Russell Coker wrote:

> On 2000-10-19 07:33, Malcolm Herbert wrote:
> >We have an install-base that needs to be run on a number of different
> >machines on various sites, running anything from SunOS 4.x all the way
> >to Solaris 2.7 (nee SunOS 5.7) ... it's reasonably large and at the
> [snip]
> >So far the only one that I can think of that fits all of these criteria
> >is the Debian package management toolset, although I haven't been able
> >to find out where/how to compile it for Solaris or if anyone has done so
> >already ...
> I am in the same situation.  I am prepared to contribute some time towards 
> porting dpkg/dselect to Solaris.  I don't have enough time available to do 
> all the work myself though.

I've got a Solaris 8 box I can use to work on this, but unfortunately I
cannot put on the net.  Can anyone give tips about how to get started?  
E.g. what all should we port?  How should we bootstrap the install if
dpkg/apt?  (With a Solaris pkgadd, perhaps?)

If things go well, AIX 4.3.3 is next!

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