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Re: Helix debian packages

Eduardo Marcel Macan wrote:
>         The problem with the Helix packages is that they do not have
> the same quality when it comes to dependencies and such. I've been using
> Helix for some time and many times I've seen nasty things being done
> to dependencies. -dev packages that installed without the library
> packages, packages with conflicting files... Sometimes I thought I
> should uninstall everything and reinstall debian's but I didn t have
> the time and I feel from what I've seen done to dependencies that
> this would require quite some time.
> > I can say that bugs fixed months ago in Helix are still there in Debian.
> > Some of them are almost trivial problems fixed in minor upstream releases.
> > I would REALLY like to see more cooperation with Helix and Debian..  In
> > fact, I'd like Helix to be IN Debian...
>         If only their packaging had the same quality as ours...

	So why don't package it ourself!

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