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Re: would be a wishlist bug against alien, but ...

On Wed, Oct 18, 2000 at 09:40:03PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> Chris Fearnley wrote:
> > Corel has improved alien's error handling in the rpm -> deb conversion
> > process.  These patches should be looked at by Debian to determine if they
> > are useful as they look.  I think they look very useful.  Their virtue
> > are given by this comment from the Corel code:
> > # Get a list of file locations and check if they conflict with files already
> > # installed on a Corel LINUX system.
> > # The purpose of this function is to help prevent unknowing users from damaging
> > # their system by installing over files that are already installed.
> I've looked at these patches extensively in the past. IMHO, they are
> worthless for general use. For example, dpkg implements file conflict
> checking and so on itself at deb install time, whereas the file conflict
> checking in corel's alien is done at package conversion time. But the
> converted package may not be installed on the machine it is built on!
In that case you need some intelligence to decide if there should be
a conflicts, or depends on that package(could probably look at
the output of apt-cache showpkg <package>, to get an idea
of if other packages depend on the package, possibly for files like
those, or if it just happens to have the same files).

> > I hesitate to call this a wishlist bug because the file
> > /usr/share/alien/corellinux.pm in Corel's version is covered by the
> > "Corel Public License" and it may not be compatible with the GPL.
> > I'm not a lawyer and whenever a vendor chooses their own licence to
> > use for components of GPL software, I assume people with a lawyeristic
> > personality need to check it out.  Is it OK because its a library?
> I asked about this on -legal sometime this spring and got a confusing
> mishmash of answers.
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