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Re: Another solution (was Re: All services that require a restart from libc6 upgrade...)

Ben Collins wrote:
> >
> > I don't understand this.  Isn't the point of versioning so that you can
> > request the library with the proper ABI?  If you leave the old libnss_*
> > files on disk, why doesn't the running daemon --- with the old libc mapped
> > --- cause the old NSS modules to be loaded?
> >
> Because modules are loaded from disk, not memory.

  why they are not versioned on the disk then? all these problems would
dissapear... wouldn't they?

  each version of libc would know which version of nss modules to
load... isn't it obvious solution?

  [I guess it's obvious that I am missing something... :-) ]


> This brings up a good possible solution. Daemons can be required to link
> to the static nss libs, assuming I compile that into the -dev package.
> This means the modules would be static in the binary, and this breakage
> would not occur.
> How about programs like this link with -lnss_compat? This would solve the
> problem by not requiring a restart at all, and keeping atleast standard
> name services working (maybe it needs -lnss_files -lnss_dns and -lnss_db,
> but that can be debated if this is initially acceptable).
> Ben
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