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Re: All services that require a restart from libc6 upgrade...

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 at 11:20, Colin Watson wrote about "Re: All services...":

> around anyway. When people are upgrading from potato to (stable) woody,
> libc6 will often need to know what services to restart before the new init
> scripts are unpacked.

potato -> woody will be an issue because the potato packages aren't
modified for this. woody -> future-release won't be.

Once sendmail "registers" (in any of the methods described; this would
only happen with a woody sendmail) then it's not an issue if the new init
script isn't unpacked in any post-woody release -- the woody init script
tells libc6 that it needs a restart.

Besides, I believe libc6 is installed and restarts the daemons even before
most of the new daemon packages (like sendmail) are unpacked and installed
-- such that the restart will be with the *current* init script.

Brock Rozen                                              brozen@torah.org

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