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Re: Pcmcia and nfs

>       after last installation of my laptop I got a silly (maybe for me
> and not for others) problem using nfs and pcmcia.
> During the halt or the reboot process of my laptop the pcmcia are
> killed before each network filesystem is unmounted. The problem is
> that umount take long time before it gets a connection timeout and I
> also think that it's not clean not to umount network partitions (it's
> only a personal opinion because my knowledge is not big enough to know
> if there can be a loss of data also if no file transfer is in act).
> So don't you think it's better to stop pcmcia right after umouning
> network partitions?

The /etc/pcmcia/network script should be umounting all nfs filesystems
mounted across the pcmcia network card before shutting down.

If you are having particular problems with NFS, you should consider
umounting the filesystems manually before shutting down your system, to
ensure that everything has been done correctly.

- Brian

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