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Re: Recent(and upcoming) Debbugs changes

Adam Heath <adam@doogie.org> writes:

> Upcoming features/idea:
> * Keyword support(submit@ works, control@ being discussed, cgi scripts need to
>   be modified).  See my email in the 'On Bugs' thread on this list, for more
>   info.

I think this will be very useful. Extension can be added on this base
easily later (like e. g. tagging bugs as architecture specific).

I have another suggestion: What about:

subscribe #1234
subscribe packagename

to get all mail related to the corresponding bug, or even all bug mail
regarding a package. For example there are some package not maintained
by me where I am still very interested in the bugs, and could perhaps
help solving them quickly since I am familiar with the source. Also
this would solve the "How can I change the submitter adress" and "How
can the upstream author receive all bug reports" problems mentioned


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