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Recent(and upcoming) Debbugs changes

Anthony Towns and I have been doing work on Debbugs lately.  Here is a status
report of what is done:

* Disabled a mmv command that was causing Debbugs to repeatedly send emails,
  and create null, empty reports needlessly.

* Discovered that some bugs are not being mailed to the maintainer.  Be sure
  to check your maintainer page(yes, this is a problem, and one that will be
  fixed, sometime).

* The cgi scripts no longer use CGI.pm, so the load on master should be
  slightly less.

Upcoming features/idea:

* Keyword support(submit@ works, control@ being discussed, cgi scripts need to
  be modified).  See my email in the 'On Bugs' thread on this list, for more

* Configuring mod_perl to run the cgi scripts, instead of having them forked.

* WAY DOWN THE LIST: A Debbugs -> Postgres importer, and then modify the cgi
  scripts to query against that, instead of reading and reparsing huge(and
  thousands) of text files.

Yes, Debbugs activity is picking up again.  This is good.  Maybe now we can
make this even more of a kick ass piece of software.

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ps: If you are interested hacking on debbugs, then please subscribe to the
Debbugs mailing list(http://www.benham.net/cgi-bin/mailmain/listinfo/debbugs),
and/or check out debbugs cvs(http://cvs.debian.org).

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