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Re: Random Question... assembly lang. advice?

In Thu, 5 Oct 2000 19:33:42 -0500 John Travis <jo45712@swt.edu> cum veritate scripsit :

> P.S.  Is there anything a few apt-gets away for assembly development in 
> Linux?  From what I understand the syntax varies widely from platform to 
> platform but I might as well learn both, besides I hate rebooting to windows 
> :-).

GNU assembler seems to have a strange syntax, and it would be very difficult to
learn in conjunction with the DOS/W32 counterpart. 

Try installing "nasm". It compiles assembly code in written in the ... MASM style.
Most books you get on intel processor assembly coding will be writing code
in this way.

I can't recommend a book. I have only ever read one assembly textbook, 
and it is in Dutch. <g>


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