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Random Question... assembly lang. advice?

I'm sorry for this and I will probably get flamed but all well.  I have a 
question I have been meaning to ask someone, and I thought "what better place 
than a mailing list full of ingenious debian developers" (flattery does get 
you somewhere :-).  Can anyone recommend a really good book for learning 
assembly language?  I am currently taking a course in it and my proffesor 
doesn't go by our book at all.  So I am looking for one that is as 
good/intuitive/interesting as assembly can be.  I am not totally new to 
programming.  I have taken some c/c++/data structures courses, but I have 
zero assembly experience.  Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

thanks in advance,


P.S.  Is there anything a few apt-gets away for assembly development in 
Linux?  From what I understand the syntax varies widely from platform to 
platform but I might as well learn both, besides I hate rebooting to windows 
Debian GNU/Linux [Woody]
Storm {Hail}
You mean there's a stable tree?

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