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Re: Random Question... assembly lang. advice?

Hello John,

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, John Travis wrote:

> I'm sorry for this and I will probably get flamed but all well.  I have a 
> question I have been meaning to ask someone, and I thought "what better place 
> than a mailing list full of ingenious debian developers" (flattery does get 
> you somewhere :-).  Can anyone recommend a really good book for learning 
> assembly language?  I am currently taking a course in it and my proffesor 
> doesn't go by our book at all.  So I am looking for one that is as 
> good/intuitive/interesting as assembly can be.

There is a very nice book on Intel x86 assembly language available
online at:

This is the link to the table of contents in html, it's also available as
pdf or ps, but be warned, it's really large! Don't expect to be able to
write code in Assembler after reading the first 10 pages. The first few
chapters, the author describes the basics (data representation, machine
architecture and the like).

> P.S.  Is there anything a few apt-gets away for assembly development in 
> Linux?  From what I understand the syntax varies widely from platform to 
> platform but I might as well learn both, besides I hate rebooting to windows 
> :-).

apt-get nasm. The assembler in the binutils package is not bad either, but
I think nasm is more flexible, as it can produce a variety of object file


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